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ICC's Distinctive Difference

The difference is distinctive. It is plain and simple: At IntegraCare, we care. We call it the “Personal Touch”, but it is more than just a catchphrase. In fact, it is a promise. Our goal is to provide all the resources and services necessary to improve quality of life. We extend this promise to our residents, our employees, and friends and family.

Residents: For our residents, we implement a special “Personal Touch” program that initiates during the first 30 days after a move-in. We provide one-on-one attention from a management team member to ensure that each resident has a smooth, stress-free transition into our community. Our team members help our residents acclimate to new routines and also make sure that our residents are aware of all the services and amenities that are available to a new resident of any of our communities.

Employees: We believe that our employees should wake up each day and love going to work. At IntegraCare, our employees are happy because they are passionate about what they do. We wish to parallel their passion with a passion of our own: to provide a stimulating as well as respectful and appreciative work environment. We know that treating our own employees with exceptional care motivates them to provide high quality care of residents.

Friends and Family: Our “Personal Touch” is contagious. We encourage our residents to host their close friends and family in our communities so that they can also experience our “Personal Touch”. We invite guests to engage in many of the amenities and services that we provide for our residents. Families can gather in private dining rooms or socialize amidst the entire community in theater rooms, themed parlors, libraries, and quaint porches. Residents, families and friends alike are welcome to join in on events such as pool and card-game tournaments and even learn and grow with our speaker series.

In touch with the needs of residents, employees and families.

That's the Personal Touch. That's IntegraCare.


3 Dimensional Approach

Our three dimensional focus sets us apart and acts as the very foundation of our care. By focusing on employees, residents and families we capture the essence of the entire community of people we serve.  This approach emphasizes dignity and respect in all interactions within the company; employees and residents, families and community leadership, residents and families, families and employees.  We work every day to improve the work lives of our employees, knowing that it translates into a positive experience for our residents as well as their families. 


Employee Retention

At IntegraCare, we pride ourselves on a high employee retention rate, and we continue to take the necessary steps in order to ensure that our employees enjoy continuous satisfaction within the workplace.  Specifically, we employ the following initiatives in order to provide the finest work environment:

  • General Orientation: We conduct a General Orientation Program within the first 48 hours of a new hire in order to initiate the relationship and communication necessary to successfully transmit the culture, mission and values of IntegraCare between employees.
  • ABCD Program:  We use recognition programs and Above and Beyond the Call of Duty programs in order to provide multiple opportunities to acknowledge employee contributions and reward our employees for respecting our mission, vision, and values.
  • Intra-Community Activities: We plan two monthly activities for both our staff and residents to enjoy together in order to integrate our IntegraCare community.


Environmental Standards

We prioritize cleanliness in the workplace because we feel there is undeniable value for those who live and work here as well as those who would like to live or work here in the future.  Our cleanliness standards speak to our pride as professionals in our industry and the transparency of our organization.


Our Mission

IntegraCare's mission is to "improve the quality of life for its employees, residents, and their families." The company's goal is to create an environment where its primary customer, the employee, experiences respect, dignity, and personal development. By providing this environment for our employees, the second half of our mission, "improve the quality life for our residents and their families," will be achieved.


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