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At IntegraCare, we strive to assist our residents and their families in many of the processes associated with aging any way we can. We have compiled a list of resources to help seniors and their families easily learn more about all of the important information regarding the later stages of life including the financial, legal, moving, and other general planning processes.

  1. Health Aging Tips
  2. Working with Challenging Behaviors of Memory Loss
  3. Caregiver Resource Center
  4. Senior Living Health Encyclopedia
  5. Financial Resources
  6. Tips to Making the Move
  7. National and State Senior Care Links
  8. Video Library – How to
  9. On Line Resource Corner


Healthy Aging Tips

Healthy Aging Tips

Staying healthy as you grow older can sometimes feel like a pain…literally.  There are ways to age gracefully and stay healthy too.  Exercise, eating healthy and brain fitness can be key factors in helping those Golden Years STAY golden.  These web links can offer you some quick easy tips to keep your health or get healthy.

Stay Fit As You Age

Balance Exercises, Stretching and Strength Exercises. These websites are great resources to help you stay healthy!

Brain Function

Are you wondering about your brain health? Studies have found that frequent participation in mentally stimulating activities is associated with decreased rates of cognitive decline and the risk for dementia.

  • Vigorous Minds - At IntegraCare we take our residents’ brain wellness very seriously. We've teamed up with Vigorous Mind, Inc. a national leader in brain wellness technology. Vigorous Mind’s web-based software is offered at several of our communitys.  It is a scientifically based program that was partly developed with research grants from the National Institutes of Health. My Vigorous Mind won the 2009 Gold Award for best Computer Technology for Older Adults sponsored by the National Council on Aging and the 2011 Silver Award (highest) for Best Web-Based Tool for Older Adults and Their Families sponsored by LeadingAge
  • The BCAT Tool - Brief Cognative Assessment Tool (BCAT) was designed as a brain screening tool to assess current cognitive functioning. Check out your brain health here or try out the exercises (Memory Match, Word Searches, Mazes etc) to stimulate your mind.
  • Fit Brains - Personalized Brain Training to Keep Your Brain Sharp!
    This is a complete brain training program that was designed by well known neuroscientist to enhance memory, concentration and learning and offer real world benefits each day.
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Working with Challenging Behaviors of Memory

Working with Challenging Behaviors of Memory

When a family member struggles with memory loss, caregivers often need resources and ideas to cope with challenging behaviors and situations that arise during the course of each day.  If you are a caregiver and looking for some answers, the websites below may offer some solutions or call one of our communities and we can help you today.

Caregiver Resource Center

Working with Challenging Behaviors of Memory

Caring for a family member or loved one can be challenging and often results in caregivers ignoring their own physical and emotional health. Caregivers often don't recognize the symptoms of stress that they are experiencing. 

The sites below offer tips and support to help.

Senior Living Encyclopedia

Senior Living Health Encyclopedia
            • Dictionary of Terms
            • Common Health Challenges and Diseases in the Elderly
              • Dementia
              • Alzheimer’s (page under construction)
              • Incontinence (page under construction)
              • Parkinson’s (page under construction)
              • COPD
              • CHF (page under construction)
              • Diabetes
              • Stroke (page under construction)
              • Macular Degeneration (page under construction)
              • Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis (page under construction)
              • Osteoporosis (page under construction)

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Financial Resources

Elderlife Financial Resources

Approaching a move to a senior living community can sometimes seem like an emotional marathon for families and seniors.  Add the complexities of pricing and affordability and it can seem overwhelming.  We are here to help but the experts below can also guide you. 

Check out their ideas to make your move on sound financial ground.


Tips to Making the Move

National and State Senior Care Links

Video Library How to

Video Library and How to

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions for memory care, senior assisted living, and independent living. We encourage you to reference these pages to gain a better knowledge regarding the various levels of care we offer within our living communities.
If you have any additional questions, please contact us.


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