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Respite Stays

Returning home after hospitalization isn’t always the best option…sometimes you need more time and a little more help to be at 100%. At our communities, our respite program can help YOU make a successful transition home after surgery or a hospital stay. Our respite (return to home program) offers you additional services:

  • A comforting team of care givers there just in case you need them
  • Strengthening during physical therapy
  • Life skills exercises and rehabilitation with occupational therapy
  • Cognitive skills training with speech therapy
  • Medication management, training and assistance
  • A team of trained experts to help prepare you for your return home
  • Nutritious meals to continue your rise to recovery
  • And much more

A Break for Caregivers

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 54% of caregivers said their health has gotten worse due to caregiving, and has affected their ability to give care to their loved one. 

Many caregivers are adult children caring for their aging parents, while also keeping up with their own families and needs.  While you may think you can do it all, sometimes you can't - and it's better for you and the loved one you care for if you are aware of this and take time for yourself.

Caregivers often use the time that respite care gives provides to take a “caregiver vacation” to avoid becoming burned out.  This helps them take better care of themselves, and therefore better care of their loved one too.  Whether it’s a getaway vacation or simply a “stay-cation,” these breaks can be immensely refreshing. The National Respite Network recommends caregivers consider respite before they become overly stressed or tired:

“To be most effective, you should use respite services much earlier than you think you will need them. Respite will be most helpful if you use it before you become exhausted, isolated or overwhelmed by your responsibilities.”

Why Try a Respite Stay?

Short-term Respite stays at our communities have many benefits, and our residents and their families use our commitment-free stays for a variety of reasons.  Here are just a few:
  • A Vacation! - Whether it be for the resident staying with us in need of a change of scenery, or for the family caregivers who need a break, everyone can use a vacation now and then.
  • Recovery - Often times hospitals will discharge seniors before they feel ready to be home alone again.  Our care-givers and therapy providers can create the temporary support network they need for success.
  • Test Drive - If you’ve been struggling to get your loved one to consider moving into a senior living community, a trial run can be viewed as a compromise. It may also satisfy your loved one’s curiosity while allowing them to maintain a sense of control.
  • Reduce Anxiety or Fears - Seniors often struggle with fears related to having their independence stripped away. Perhaps no situation brings these feelings to the surface quite like the thought of leaving a beloved home to move into a senior community. Respite stays offer a temporary way to introduce older adults to assisted living life without forcing a commitment.

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Our Little Extras

IntegraCare wishes to welcome all new residents and make them feel at home, even our short-term guests.  These are some of the distinctive touches that help our residents enjoy life in our community from their very first day.

Welcome Gift – Each resident receives a personalized welcome gift.

Community Pet Program – Our ‘house pet’ lives on site and is cared for by the community staff.  They’re known for bringing smiles with the wag of a tail!

Family and Friend Areas – We provide specific spaces throughout the community for visiting, socializing, and celebrating special events – large or small!  We want to encourage family and friends to visit as often as they wish, just like at home.

Reminiscence Screen – This is a wonderful way for residents to relive their golden years together, and for new residents to learn more about their neighbors.  When a resident joins us, we ask them to share family photos – especially older ones – so that we can incorporate their life and loved ones into our family, and help to get to know them even better.

Homemade Meals  – Our skilled chefs make sure residents and their guests are happy whenever they sit down at the table - and of course with extra snacks throughout the day too!

Life Styles Activities – Each community has a devoted team of Activity professionals who take time to learn about our residents and what brings them joy through each resident's Life Story.  Then, we incorporate this knowledge into our programming, so there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!

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Where Can I Try a Respite Stay?

Find A Community Near You

We have communities across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and (Coming soon!) Virginia.  Click the map to use our Zip-code finder for respite care services near you.



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Our Mission

IntegraCare's mission is to "improve the quality of life for its employees, residents, and their families." The company's goal is to create an environment where its primary customer, the employee, experiences respect, dignity, and personal development. By providing this environment for our employees, the second half of our mission, "improve the quality life for our residents and their families," will be achieved.

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