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Planned renovations to the Exton Senior Care Community are coming soon. The new designs have been thoughtfully created to be comfortable, warm and inviting.

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Planned Renovations

Each space is planned to be happy, safe, and secure. The aesthetic will create welcoming spaces for residents, and their loved ones who visit, to relax in a home-like atmosphere.

The color scheme was chosen to appeal to aging eyes and the cohesive plan will include teal, coral and plum as the central color story.  The colors will flow from room to room, adding additional pops of colors to differentiate areas.

The design story is a traditional style with a hint of transitional direction. Elegance mixed with cleaner silhouettes.

Chairs and sofas were selected not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for ergonomics. Each is designed to provide comfortable and safe seating for seniors.

Keep up to date with our renovations by following the photo gallery below.

exton senior living landscape

  • Create 10 unit high acuity, “LifeBridges” neighborhood with dedicated dining and living areas
  • The 2nd and 3rd floor Corridors will be treated to new flooring, paint, artwork, and lighting
  • Combine theater with Club room for a larger theater on the 3rd floor.
  • A new Emergency Call System will be installed throughout the community
  • Improvements to Library

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