Why Now May Be the Best Time to Give the Gift of Peace of Mind—For Your Family & Your Loved One

It’s the time of year when we think about the great family memories we’ve made and begin to look forward to the new year and all its possibilities. As you and your family make plans for the coming year, you may also be struggling with a difficult decision you’ve been putting off for a while now, determining when your loved one should move into a senior living community.

You’ve had plenty of excuses for avoiding it.  Work’s been hectic. The holidays are here. Your kids have more events on your calendar than you do.  Mom’s not ready yet. One more year at home won’t hurt.

You keep kicking the can down the road and the can just grows bigger.

Maybe that’s because you’ve been looking at it all wrong. What if the decision you think will be so hard would make life so much easier for everyone once you make it?

What if giving your loved one a new home for the new year is the best decision you can make for everyone’s peace of mind?

You want the best for your mom or dad; they have more life to live. But the more you wait, the less they might benefit from the options senior living can provide.

It’s time to ask yourself and your family some important questions.

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Is safety a constant concern?

From medical care to home upkeep to simply getting around the house, everyday tasks may be getting increasingly difficult and riskier due to your loved one’s declining physical and mental abilities.
Maybe your family lives in constant fear of the day when Mom or Dad has a bad fall, takes the wrong pills, or doesn’t take their pills at all! Though everyone is trying their best, you’re just not able to give them the 24/7 attention they’ve come to need.
Knowing your loved one is in a safe environment with a compassionate, expert team caring for their individual needs would take a load off of everyone’s mind.

Are you worried about proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is the key to staying healthy for Seniors.  It’s hard for you to manage the grocery shopping, cooking and nutritional monitoring for them when you aren’t there day in and day out. You worry about:

  • Special dietary needs and finicky eating habits
  • Missed meals
  • Eating less due to lack of activity when, in fact, lower nutrition levels can lead to more sedentary behavior
  • Medications that should be taken with food
  • Unhealthy food choices because it’s hard to make healthy meals for one person

You’d sleep better at night knowing that someone is providing them with thoughtfully prepared meals tailored to their dietary needs with plenty of tasty and healthy choices every day.

seniors playing cards

Is your loved one as active, engaged, stimulated and social as they could be?

Keeping one’s mind and body active is essential to well-being and happiness, especially as we grow older. It’s hard making sure your loved one is staying busy when you and your family have full schedules of your own. Transportation and the perception of being a hindrance are common barriers to activity.

From walking and dancing to playing cards and making arts and crafts, an active lifestyle can do wonders for your senior’s mind, body, and soul. A senior living community can provide a full calendar of fun and stimulating social, religious, recreational, and educational activities.

Plus, it’ll give them plenty to talk about each time you visit or have them over for the holidays!

Is your loved one searching for a sense of belonging and community?

Senior life can often be lonely. Long-time friends pass or move away, while things like work and school leave family little time to keep Grandma or Grandpa company as much as they’d like.

And as much as they love you and the grandkids, they most likely still long for the company of those their own age who have shared similar life experiences and can relate to senior life.  With new friends to be made and staff that feels like family, a senior living community can provide the sense of belonging Mom or Dad has been searching for.

Is your loved one living their life to the fullest?

No matter our age, we all have interests and desires that make life worth living. As your loved one struggles with the stresses that come with each new day, they may not feel they have the time or the opportunity to do those things they’d rather be doing—like taking up a new hobby or visiting new places.

Taking away many of those home ownership chores and worries and letting others step in and help can open a whole new world of possibilities and experiences for your senior—at the time when they should be taking things easier and enjoying life.

For most of their life, your parents made lots of choices with your best interest at heart.  Now’s the time to return that love by helping them make a difficult, but important, choice that has their own best interest at heart.

Even if you and your family aren’t ready, maybe your loved one is.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, it might very well be time for Mom or Dad to move into a senior living community.

Still unsure?

Maybe you’d like a clearer picture of what senior life is like. Maybe you’re not sure you can afford it. Maybe you’re not confident your loved one will be getting the care and attention they need.

That’s where our Senior Care Experts come in. They will answer all your questions and help guide you through the decision-making process.

It’s Time. Ask Mom. Ask Dad.

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