Navigating Your Journey to Better Health Among Neighbors and Friends

Located at The Pines of Mount Lebanon

1537 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15228


the Difference

A message from IntegraCare Leadership

Passport for Professionals

The Compass Center’s team begins with intensive training on helping participants with diabetes management, including diet, lifestyle and specialized care.

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Itinerary for Health

The path has never been clearer, with solid goals for participants and the strategy to get there through steps per day, reduced blood sugar and more.

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Meal Planning for Diabetes Management

Dietary professionals provide nutritional and tasty menu options at each meal making the healthy choices not only smart but easy. 

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Safer Than Home Alone

Connection to family, medical care and new solutions

Peace of mind for our participants and their families is our priority. The Compass Center integrates blood glucose checks, health screenings and doctors’ updates for easy reference by family and staff. We connect participants to medical professionals and pharmacists near The Pines at Mount Lebanon, streamlining the effort to keep care on track.

Working Together

Professional assistance at every turn

Wellness professionals, specialists and chefs bring IntegraCare’s signature quality to diabetes management. Our team members cooperate to fill each vital role, providing the right motivation and environment as well as the right diet and exercise. At the end of the day, participants sleep better knowing that first-class care is within reach 24 hours a day.

Learning For Your Life

Effective education in a supportive community

Training is essential for living well with diabetes. IntegraCare’s own educators create stimulating lesson plans in a custom itinerary for each participant to make it fun and easy adjusting to a new lifestyle. Education is tied into the Compass Center’s food and activity offerings, while participants share results and encourage each other’s progress

The Journey To Better Health

Follow 24 hours of excellent diabetes care.


We rise for a morning wellness check and families are notified of any signifigant changes.


Chefs and dietary specialists put together a tasty, healthy first meal of the day. 


Morning fitness focuses on increasing circulation to the hands and feet.


IntegraCare’s culinary experts keep the day going with a delicious lunch


Participants connect to classes, learning to make healthy decisions about eating, exercising and living right. 


We Have Access To The Finest Regional Medical Providers,Pharmacists And Endocrinologists.


Medication Is Prepared, Verified And Logged To Ensure Continued Health.


When It’s Time To Sleep, All Have The Comfort Of Knowing Help Is Just A Few Steps Away Should It Be Needed.

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